Friday, February 15, 2013

Night Realm 2: Scarlett Dawn

This sequel to Night Realm continues the story of private detective, Ryan Fox. He's loving life, has plenty of work, more money, and he is now dating the beautiful Selena Thorne. Thinking the evil world of vampires is now far behind him, life couldn't be better for Ryan. That is, until he receives a call from German scientist, Dr Marlon Becker.

Needing vampire blood to complete his latest research, Becker coaxes Ryan and Selena into going back to Germany with him, where they hunt down the vampires that killed Becker's associates more than a decade ago. After successfully completing the mission, the trio return to Australia with fresh vampire blood. Only problem is, someone has a hidden agenda. All it takes is a few drops of the blood to turn someone, and that someone is Scarlett.

Scarlett Hayes, a sixteen year old runaway, relishes her new life as an elite member of the living dead. With absolutely no empathy and no soul, Scarlett goes on a rampage, killing people while turning others, ultimately creating a small army that she controls.

With the darkest of nights approaching, Ryan must delve into Scarlett's past in order to find a way to stop her and prevent even greater carnage. Time is fast running out. If he doesn't find Scarlett soon, then thousands more will surely die.

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