Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Wealth Attraction Factor: Your Path To Infinite Abundance

 Why is it that some people seem to be able to attract wealth effortlessly while others struggle? Are these people just born lucky? Are they supernaturally blessed? Or could it be that they follow certain principles that opens the doors to a constant flow of money?

The Wealth Attraction Factor has the answers to this mystery. And the good news is, wealth is accessible to everyone. You've just got to know how to tap into its infinite source. Discover why the rich attract money and why those without repel wealth at every turn. If you are tired of just scraping by and trying to make ends meet, then this is the book for you.

It sucks having no money. It really does. Learn the mind secrets that will change it all, so money flows into your life effortlessly and continuously. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. We all do.

Turn your mind around and you will turn your life around. The Wealth Attraction Factor will show you how!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Erotic Photography - An Erotic Anthology

Erotic Photography: A sizzling anthology full of stories of adults playing in front of the camera; whether video for the adult industry, amateur movie makers, stills, or couples just having fun in the privacy of their own homes. So indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this mega erotic anthology!

Note - This is a work of fiction. The book does not contain images or photos. 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

After Dark: Desire (Erotic Anthology)

After Dark is an erotic anthology of selected sizzling short stories that are sure to tantalize and excite the reader. Indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this great read!

Only $3.99 on Kindle

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Selfie (Erotic Fiction)

When Jessica gets a brand new DSLR camera she can't wait to test it out. It's while she's taking snapshots in the back garden that her boyfriend has a better idea for her new toy. Nude photography leads into erotic photography as the couple get their clothes off and perform for Jessica's camera.

Only $1.99!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Donate To This Fundraiser and Get 3 FREE eBooks! "Bringing My Fiance to Australia"

Our dream is for Jeany and daughter Jewel to come to Australia to start a new life together as a family. We both feel like we've finally met the love of our lives in each other and we desire to be together like a proper couple in love should be without oceans and distance separating us.  

I would also like to take them away from the poverty of the region in which they currently live and give them a happy new life here in Oz with me. I really want to do this for my fiance and her daughter just as much as for myself. I was living with Jeany in the Philippines, but she has now been left heartbroken while I've sadly had to return to Australia (where I'm from).

The immigration process for Filipinos to enter Australia on residency visas is long and expensive and it's money we just don't have right now to even get the process started. The financial cost of this entire process is high and I am only seeking to raise a portion of the money required with this fundraiser. Even if the fundraiser target doesn't get reached, any money offered will be greatly appreciated by all three of us and will go a long way toward us succeeding in our quest to be together.

As I am a writer I am willing to offer a digital "Boxed Set" of 3 eBooks in any e-reading format you wish, for donations of $30 or more. Once you have made your donation send me an email and I'll send you a link where the books can be downloaded and a coupon code for the freebie. Below is a link for more information on the perk I am offering.

Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Buy a Great Book Series and Help a Good Cause

I am a writer, but I am also in the process of trying to raise funds to bring my fiancé and daughter from the Philippines to Australia to live. The visa fees (and related expenses) for this process are quite expensive. It's money we just don't have at the moment to reunite our love for each other. Rather than simply running a fundraiser and asking for donations, I would much rather raise the money by selling more of my books. That way, those helping my cause receive something for their money. If I could just sell 1000 copies of the following book series over the next few months it will go a long way toward helping our dream of reuniting becoming a reality. Thank you for reading.

Jessica's Seduction is the ultimate romance boxed set collection. Even though the first book in the series is permafree, it has been included to create the complete set in one convenient mega anthology. The other 5 books in the series retail individually for $3.99 each, so at this special boxed set collection price the reader is saving more than 50% for the complete series!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

From Typewriter to eBook

After many years in the wilderness, eBooks changed it all.

Back in the Typewriter Days

I took my first real serious stab at writing way back in 1984. I was always reading a lot of novels, especially Horror, which was huge back in the 80s. I'm not really sure how the idea came about, but I decided to try writing a novel in my favourite genre of the time. Apart from the experience of reading other writers' books, I had no idea what I was doing. Somehow I managed to put together some semblance of a book. It ended up being way too short for a full-length novel, coming in at a word count of less than 45,000.

In hindsight the book really sucked and I feel quite embarrassed to think back on what I wrote then. But still, I felt quite pleased with myself at the time. So much so that I hurriedly scribbled a very naive cover letter and shipped the 'typed' manuscript off to the biggest book publisher in Australia at the time: Pan Books in Sydney. To my surprise I received a reply from them in about 10 days.

Instead of the return of a rejected manuscript I received a letter with the Pan Books logo emblazoned on the top left corner. My heart hammered in my chest as I prepared to rip it open and read the contents. After all, it was obviously a letter of acceptance, right? Otherwise they would be returning the whole manuscript. I smiled as I confidently opened the letter. This writing and publishing gig was easy. I'd managed to ace it on my very first attempt. I was destined for literary greatness and riches. Everything I'd heard about the road to getting published being a long, tedious and frustrating one was obviously very wrong. Or perhaps I was just a writer of extraordinary talent. Gifted even.

The smile slipped off my face when I read the letter's contents. It was a rejection letter, the first of many more to come. The only reason I wasn't tearing open my returned manuscript in sheer humiliation was because I'd been too dumb and inexperienced to include return postage. My delusions of grandeur (who doesn't love a cliché?) were evaporating quickly in the summer heat.

Dejected, I sat down on my bed and stared at the pile of typed pages. I'd put so much time and effort into this story. What was wrong with these publishers? How could they possibly not want to publish my masterpiece? Were they too dim to realise this book was a potential bestseller?

I actually overcame the disappointment fairly rapidly. Okay, so this first publisher didn't want my book. They weren't the only publishers in the world. I would keep trying.

Bitten By the Writing Bug

I had a taste for writing fiction now, so I soon started work on a second novel, and then a third in a different genre. All the while I continued to shop my first manuscript around to publishers and agents the world over. I also did a comprehensive writing course which taught me how to write articles and features for magazines and newspapers. I even managed to get a few pieces published as a freelancer and received cheques in the mail for my efforts. Things were looking up a little and my confidence was growing. Although I enjoyed writing the nonfiction pieces and got a buzz when I saw them in print, what I really had a passion for was writing fiction, so I kept on writing novels, trying different genres and ideas, honing my craft and my skills. I was getting better at it, no doubt about it, but still the dream of being published as a novelist was eluding me.

In the end I wrote 13 novels without success and gave up writing for a long time. I was burnt out and disillusioned with the entire process and industry. I'd also spent quite a bit of money sending my manuscripts all over the world, which was a costly process at the time. There was no internet and email back then, and the Australian dollar was so weak against the Greenback that everything sent to the USA was costing me double. It worked out cheaper to photocopy the manuscripts, send a copy and tell the publisher or agent not to bother returning it if not interested, than to include return postage.

Print on Demand Publishing

The advent of POD (Print on Demand) Publishing renewed my interest. Finally there was a way to at least see my books in print and maybe sell a few copies. My last 4 novels had been written on a computer so I had digital files to upload. I joined and published those 4 books, ordered copies and once again marveled at my greatness. At the very least I could now see a nice shiny finished product for all those years of hard work and late nights, square eyeballs and nerves jangling from constant overdoses of caffeine. I did sell the odd copy, but the retail price of a POD book just couldn't compete with those published in the mass market. Still, it was definitely a buzz that a few people were willing to part with their cyber cash to buy my books.

I now had more control over my publishing destiny and, whether I sucked as a writer or not (I honestly don't think I'm too bad), I could put my works out into the marketplace.

The eBook Explosion

Things really started to happen for me in July 2010 when Amazon opened the doors to international authors to publish on their Kindle platform. At the time Apple's iBookstore was just starting to gain some traction as well. Everything was set for a eBook explosion and I was there to take advantage.

I published my 4 novels (those that I'd written on a computer and not typed on a typewriter) as eBooks and also a collection of short stories I'd written. I even broke that book up into its individual stories and published those as well. Immediately I started seeing a few sales within hours of publishing my works, and that gave me a lot of hope that I was finally on the pathway to something good, and possibly profitable as well.

While trying to think of ideas for stories to write up as eBooks, I did a Google search on that subject and ended up finding a humorous blog post about an Erotica author who had managed to snare the Number 1 spot on the iBookstore's Top 100 (or whatever it was at the time). It was just a very short erotic story. Curious, I bought a copy of the story and read it, then read a few others by various authors in the genre. These stories were all extremely short, to the point and pretty much all explicit descriptions of sexual encounters. Most importantly, they were SELLING!

A Change of Direction

Being the genius that I am, ideas of writing this smut myself flooded into my mind. After all, I was a writer, wasn't I? And I had experience too. I'd had sex once or twice in my lifetime, and I'd watched my fair share of porn on the net. Which proved to be highly educational for this style of writing. So I set to work churning out story after story, inventing characters and scenarios and couples and groups having sex in various positions and places. Sometimes there was the hint of a plot, most of the time not. The stories were all too short anyway. For each story I created a sexy cover and blurb and published them on Kindle, Lulu, Apple's iBookstore, as well as Smashwords and their distribution channels. To add even more books to my rapidly expanding portfolio of literary masterpieces, I started grouping the short stories together and selling them as anthologies at a higher price point.

Easy Sales and Easy Money

Sales on the iBookstore started to flood in, especially from the UK. Maybe the Brits are all sex-starved, I don't really know the reason. Sales on Kindle started out rather slowly, but the royalty cheques were getting bigger every month. By March 2011 it felt like it was raining money. I was literally raking in the cash now. I'd finally struck pay dirt after so many years in the publishing wilderness. For all those full-length novels I wrote, all that blood, sweat and tears toiling away for decades with no monetary reward whatsoever, it ended up being these short trashy sex stories that were making me the money.

Rather naively, I thought the sales were just going to keep soaring, making me more and more cash until I had accumulated so much of the stuff that I wouldn't be able to count it. But it didn't work out that way. More and more authors came into the eBook self-publishing game, and more and more decided to write Erotica because it was easy and profitable. Amazon and Apple started getting stricter on what content to allow, authors started dropping their prices to compete in a market that was seeing exponential growth in all facets, books were being given away by the virtual truck load thanks to initiatives like Kindle Select, and authors just wanting exposure for their work.

Today in 2015 things are very different to how it was in my stellar year of 2011. I still make some money and I get by, but I now have triple the amount of material out there than I did 4 years ago and making a tenth of the money if I'm lucky. Still, it was good while it lasted and I feel blessed to be a part of this modern era of Indie publishing.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FREE BOOK! Alpine Nights (Jessica's Seduction #2) Erotic/Romance Novella

Now free on Smashwords in all available eBook formats.

Alpine Nights is the second instalment in the Jessica's Seduction series of erotic romance novellas. On their new adventure together, Jessica and Preston further develop their romantic relationship when they travel to Europe in winter. There they perform photo shoots, ski in the Swiss Alps, spend time with friends in a romantic chalet in the snow, then embark on a treacherous journey through Germany's Black Forest in search of wolves. As with any new relationship lust is abundant, and the lead characters don't hold back when it comes to getting want they want sexually. Adults only 18+

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Erotica: Greatest Hits #2

Read 15 of the hottest adult stories all in one awesome anthology. Indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this great read! Adults only 18+

Available now on Kindle

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lust in Space

Best friends Angela and Lisa have been having an ongoing affair aboard a spaceship. Nate is not only the captain of the ship, but also Angela's husband. When he walks in on the pair one day the action quickly turns into a sexy three-way, which is a fantasy come true for luscious Lisa.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bedroom Eyes (Short Erotica)

Isabelle is always hearing the same words: She has bedroom eyes. When she goes to a friend's party she meets handsome Casey in the pool. He takes one look at her and says the same thing. As the alcohol and conversation flow the two get close and personal, and soon Isabelle finds herself in Casey's bed having the time of her life.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tasting Tina

When his best friend lines him up with a sure thing, Chad can't resist stepping out to meet gorgeous Tina. It's been a while since his last intimate encounter. Far too long. It was high time he broke the drought and who better to do that with than this hot blonde.

Tasting Tina

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Erotica: Greatest Hits #1

Read 15 of the hottest adult stories all in one awesome anthology. Indulge the senses, dim the lights and spice up your love life with this great read!

Now available on Kindle

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amelia's Fantasy

Amelia is over relationships for the time being. What she's really craving right now is a secret tryst, something casual and completely anonymous. She arranges a meeting with handsome Brad and they book a room at an inner-city hotel for their rendezvous, where their passion explodes in a fusion of body heat.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

All In: 25 Erotic Stories

25 erotic short stories from the hot and bothered mind of Emily Cantore!

To buy individually would cost a bundle!

More than 130,000 words of first-time lesbians, threesomes, girls experimenting, sex toys and much more. Guaranteed to warm you up and get your mind racing!

Check it out!

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Thoughts of Success: The Ultimate Success Manifesto

This manifesto is the foundation for learning more about being successful in life. Learn how to take any challenge and turn it into a success. My overall goal is to help others to realize their dreams and reach their goals by teaching them what I have learned and implemented in my life. Through this, I hope to motivate and inspire others to take action towards a happier and more successful life.

Some of the things you will learn include:

Creating your world through mind control
Success state of mind
Action oriented repeatable success habits
Failure is no longer an option
Making a plan on paper
What it takes to score a goal
You must use the "ACT" in act-ion

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica Boxed Set - On sale for a limited time!! Only 99c!

On sale for a limited time!! Only 99c!

X-Rated Hardcore Erotica boxed set is a collection of erotic short stories involving a spicy array of sexual encounters. Sex between couples, group sex, swinging, threesomes and partner swapping all take place in this exquisite selection of erotica. Indulge your deepest fantasies and arouse your desires by reading these adult tales. Adults only 18+

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Jessica's Seduction: Boxed Set Collection

Jessica's Seduction is the ultimate romance boxed set collection. Even though the first book in the series is permafree, it has been included to create the complete set in one convenient mega anthology. The other 5 books in the series retail individually for $3.99 each, so at this special boxed set collection price the reader is saving a more than 50% for the complete series!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

 This digital boxed set contains all 3 volumes of the popular Real Life Dramas series. With 23 gripping stories spanning more than 600 pages, the reader is guaranteed many hours of reading pleasure.

There are no more enthralling stories than those that are true….Real life scenarios of danger, suspense and intrigue that involve real people. These accounts have been dramatized in story form. Stories of triumph, survival, greed and tragedy.

Read them if you dare…

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tropical Heat: Boxed Set

Save, Save, Save!! 7 great stories for a bargain price, available for a limited time only! $15 value for only 99c!

Second Honeymoon
Kayla Takes Two
Fantasy Island
Fun With Rick and Jane
Lose Your Inhibitions
Stud Sandwich
Party Cruise

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